Tuesday, April 27, 2010

January catch up

January is supposed to be a month of rest and recovery after the holidays right????? Not for us. This crazy girl turned 9 and being the great mom that I am, have no pictures to prove it!!!

We made another fun trip to Disneyland!! We have definitely enjoyed our season passes.

This major event in January was my dad's surgery. They had to go in and remove his T2 vertebrae because of cancer and in it's place they put a steel rod and mesh plate. He will eventually start to grow his own bone. The human body is so amazing!!! But in the meantime.....
he gets to wear this lovely brace. And yes it is as bad as it looks. For those of you that know my dad, patience is not one of his strong suits, so this has been quite the growing experience for him and my mom has always been blessed with patience (thank goodness) so she has been taking really good care of him. He has been doing really well and he is back to work now so that has helped a lot. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful mom and dad and I am grateful for the many wonderful blessings that our family has received this year!!!
Last but not least, Tanner went on his first outing as an 11 year old scout. Hiking in the canyon across the street from our house!!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

December catch up:
Our primary breakfast with Santa was a success with everyone except Luke!!!

Christmas was great this year or I guess I should say last year. My brother Jake came with his family and we had so much fun with them. We spent Christmas Eve at our house and then we opened up our haul from Santa over at Dave and Jamie's house. The amount of presents was crazy but we had so much fun. Their prized gift from Santa!! I have to say we all have enjoyed playing the wii.

Back from my blogging hiatus!!!

So after much "encouragement" from my mom I have returned to the blogging world so I will give a brief rundown of what has been going in our lives since last November. I will try not to bore you but because I don't scrapbook I gotta get caught up.

Cousin Rachel had her first surfing lesson by Uncle Rob

Mackenzie and Luke found markers and decided to try them out!!!
We had our annual trip to Knotts Berry Farm with our cousins and grandmas and grandpas
Luke and Jackson loved riding all the rides, they are so cute when they are not trying to poke each others eyes out

....and last but not least my baby turned 11!!!!!!!