Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First Day of School

I am totally late posting our obligatory front of the house first day of school pictures, so here they are. Tanner started 4th grade this year and Bekah started 2nd grade. I can't believe that my kids are getting so old, because that means that I am getting old. Scary. When I walked them to their class on the first day I saw Tanner's teacher and she looked like she was about 14 and I think he is taller than her. It was pretty funny. When I asked Bekah how she liked her teacher all she could say was how exciting it was that she had a french tip manicure. How many of you knew what that was when you were 7? I know I didn't.

Poor Kyle he was so sad that he was not going to school. He is soooo ready, but he gets to spend one more year hanging out with Luke and me.

A Date With a Snake

So a few weeks ago I was called to be an assistant Den Leader for Tanner's pack. So for our first activity we went on a hike in a small canyon by our house. The boys were very nervous (scared:) of seeing rattlesnakes. I kept telling them it was fine and that there was nothing to worry about. I was wrong.

Tanner spotted it first, and I will say that the boys were very safe and far from the snake. They refused to pass it even clear on the other side of the trail. One of the boys commented on how Rebekah was the bravest one there because she had no problems passing the snake. It really was kind of funny.

Michael, Tanner, and Cole before the hike. Smiling obviously they haven't seen the snake yet.
Luke's first hike.
During the hike, if you notice Rebekah is ahead of everyone else. She refuses to let anyone beat her on a hike. She loves to be in the lead and she loved showing off for the boys, I think I got a preview of years to come, :(.
And after the hike, notice the boys are not quite as smiley. Not only did they see a snake but they also got beat by a girl. Tough night.
The hike really pooped him out. He was out like a light. It was pretty cute.
Afterwards we took the boys for some ice cream. McDonalds hot fudge sundaes will make anything better.

The Last True Day of Summer

For our end of summer hurrah we went to Knotts Soak City and we had so much fun. Both grandmas and grandpa Roy went with us( sure wish my dad was retired:). It was not crowded at all and we had a fun day on the slides and the lazy river. Kyle was even big enough to go on some big kid slides. He loved them. Here are a few pictures from our day.
From the looks of this picture is looks as if Kyle is not really big enough but he was and he loved them.

Is this the life or what?
Grandpa Roy and his buddy

No amusement park is complete without its hundred dollar lunch of cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets right? When my kids ask for souveniers, I always tell them no they got lunch instead, crazy prices. Such a mean mom.

This picture freaked me out. Look how tall Tanner is and he is only 9. I am six feet tall and he is already up to my shoulders. He is going to pass me up in no time.

We had such a fun day!! Thanks Grandma Evelyn and Shirlynn and Grandpa Roy. We love you!!