Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Warning Picture Overload!!!!

So I am finally finishing up our summer! Pathetic I know. We ended our summer with an awesome trip to Yellowstone and Jackson Hole. Aunt Cindy and our cousin Stephen were fabulous tour guides and we had a blast!!! We first stopped at Grandma Margaret's in Ogden, it's always fun to see her and my kids are always amazed that they know someone that old, she is 92.

The kids loved rock climbing up Uncle Richards chimney, Bekah made it all the way to the top!!!!

We camped for a night in Jackson Hole and our cousin Tyson is part of the shoot out in Jackson and it was so fun to watch!

The Grand Tetons National Park is one of the most beautiful places that I have ever been to!

Some yummy moose pie!!!

Playing in Jenny Lake

Old Faithful!! So fun!
These guys were the only ones brave enough to enter the FRIGID waters of Yellowstone lake. It was only 50 degrees outside, so I don't know how cold the water was but I made them get out as soon as I saw lightening!:)

Beautiful Yellowstone Falls! We were there in August, I had no idea it would be so cold and rainy but we had a good time anyway
Cindy's cabin in Island Park just outside Yellowstone, it was so fun to stay there!
On our way back home we stopped at Lava Hot Springs in Idaho. Here is Rob jumping off the high platform, not very graceful!

Kyle was so brave jumping off the diving boards, he loved it

I love this picture of Bekah and Luke, so sweet!
Visiting Grandpa Baker's grave in Ogden