Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fun with Friends

Last week our good friends the Westons from Indiana came to town with their kids and our other friends from Indiana the Victory's who now live in Hemet came down also to have fun. We had such a great time with everybody. We hung out at the beach mostly and the adults got to go to the temple thanks to the teenagers for babysitting. The kids had a blast. The kids even learned how to surf and were looking like locals by the time they left. It was sad to say goodbye to everyone and we are more than ready to have you move back out west. Come on Weston's we are waiting for ya, the house down the street is still for sale.

Rance and Luke. He slept through most of our bon fire.
Always fun times at the beach. The kids had so much fun!!!

We did sealings that night at the temple and then went for yummy Mexican food. It was a great night!
We were so glad that Rob's brother Dave came with us to the temple. He was visiting from Utah.
I am so grateful to have these ladies in my life. They are such wonderful friends. Get ready for San Francisco ladies or wherever it is we go next year. Can't wait!!!!
The next day we took all the kids to the temple and then to the tide pools in La Jolla.
Kyle Victory was so good with my little Luke and Luke loved him!!!
Bekah at the tide pools.
On the carousel at Seaport Village.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Del Mar Fair

So I have not blogged in forever but the summer has been crazy. We started the summer with the Del Mar Fair with the Orlando's and like always we had a great time. We rode lots of rides, ate LOTS of food mostly fried, although does the fair sell anything that isn't fried??? This year we tried fried smores which were yummy. Kim and I are always up for yummy treats. I didn't take as many pictures this year so here are just a few.