Friday, August 14, 2009

Well a couple of weeks ago Jamie and I decided to drive up to Utah with five kids and no husbands. There were two reasons for our madness. First was Jamie's 20 year high school reunion which I wish I had a picture of because she looked great, second was to run the Provo Canyon half marathon. So we decided to make it a fun week so sorry for all the pictures. One day we met my brother in law and his family at Echo Reservoir and we all attempted water skiing. Jamie was an old pro and got up right away. I finally got up for the first time in my life, but there are no pictures to prove it. The pictures below are of my little Luke water skiing with Dave. Pretty impressive that Dave could ski while holding a baby but he did it. Let's just say that Luke was not excited for this at all. He screamed the whole time.
still screaming...
screaming but knows it's almost over
Happy to be out of the water...
Rebekah tried but couldn't keep those darn skis together
Tanner had the same problem but was really close to standing up.
Mackenzie liked riding in the boat
Kyle and his cousin Brian riding in the boat
We had a chance to take Grandma out to lunch and visit with her in Ogden, it was fun to see her and the kids could not believe that she was 91.
Mac and Maria were wonderful hosts and we had so much fun staying with them. They were so generous and Maria made the most yummy food the whole time we were there. Homeade salsa everyday and yummy smoothies, Mac even made his famous crepes for us. Maria even taught Tanner how to make homeade guacamole.
Bekah and Koralee were instant friends and had so much fun playing.
We stopped for a much needed car break in Lindon at a place called Jump on It. The kids had a great time and burned some energy.

Ok so here goes my saga of the half marathon. Do any of you have a bucket list? You know a list of things you want to do before you die. I didn't think that running a half marathon was on there but after the time and the training and the race itself this has now been put on my bucket list and crossed off!!!! I will say that it was rewarding to finish this and I even ran the whole thing. It was a beautiful course and the weather was perfect. Aside from them running out of water at mile 11 and the finish line it was pretty good. As soon as I finished I said I would never do that again, I don't know if I have changed my mind but I am not as adamant as I was before. The training is so time consuming so maybe when my kids are a little older I may attempt this again

Don't let those smiles fool you, we could barely walk and I had to literally lift my legs into the car. Good times!!!

The night before we left we had a get together with some friends that we have not seen in probably 20 years. It was so great to catch up and hopefully now it won't be so long before we see each other again.
On the way home we made a stop at the Cracker Barrel which is my kids favorite.