Tuesday, September 15, 2009

NBA here we come????

Today Kyle asked me when I was going to get a mustang convertible and I started laughing thinking in my head uh Never!!! Then Tanner says Kyle she will get a Mustang when I start giving them my money when I make the NBA. So funny. He is very confident that he will make the NBA, I said Tanner you have to have a plan B, he said I do, I will be a pro baseball player.
I took Tanner to get new basketball shoes. He loves playing and he is pretty good at it. So with that said, I bought him a men's size 10 1/2 shoe today, keep in mind that he is only 10!!!! What??? That is the same size shoe as my dad and my brother!!! Hey with feet that big, the NBA doesn't seem so far off. Oh and by the way Tanner if you do make the NBA a Mustang Convertible will not be my car of choice:)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Last Hurrah of Summer!!!

This year we took the kids to Las Vegas for a few days before school started. We had so much fun together. Rob doesn't get a lot of time off so it was nice to be together as a family. We stayed at Southpoint which is so nice because it is so far off the strip that we don't have to be around the yuckiness of the strip. It has a bowling alley and a full sized movie theater inside along with a great pool, so we had a great time. On the way to Vegas we hit a major traffic jam due to construction and it took us over two hours to go about 20 miles. Keep in mind we were in the middle of the desert in August.

SO this was what our temperature gage read. Sitting on hot pavement in a black car for two hours. Super fun!!

At least we had beautiful scenery to look at....NOT!!!

Well we finally made it and the next day we went out to the Hoover Dam. We had never been there before and it was so interesting. We did the little tour where they show you how they convert the water to electricity.

This is the new bridge they are building to cut down on traffic going over the dam. It was amazing to see all the construction that high up.

This is a funny sign we saw at the dam
One day we were there it rained all day so went to the huge outdoor store that was there. The kids had fun looking at everything.

We had fun bowling, I actually broke 100 this time.

Bekah, Tanner, and I went to see Band Slam one night. We were the only ones in the theater, they thought that was pretty cool.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Blessed 1st day of school

Pancake breakfast....$10
New shoes.. $90
New backpacks....$60

Coming home to a fight free quiet house with my little guy.....priceless.

School started yesterday and it was a success. The kids like their teachers, and Kyle loves kindergarten. It's wierd to have him gone, he has been my little shopping buddy for so long. Last year he used to ask me every morning when we were going shopping and what store we were going to, but I get Luke to myself for the next four years so it will be fun. Tanner started 5th grade, Bekah started 3rd, and Kyle in Kindergarten. This is the only time that I will have three kids at one school. Scary to think that Tanner will be in middle school next year, I will just enjoy them all at elementary this year.

Cardboard boat regatta

Last night was our combined youth activity at the lagoon. All the Young men and young women classes had to make a boat using only cardboard and duct tape, then they had races. We decided to go with Robert and watch. We had so much fun. The weather was perfect and the water was soooo warm.
This dragon boat is the one that Robert and the priests made. It didn't win but they won for creativity. The kids had fun having a ride in it
Tanner tried paddle boarding for the first time and loved it.

Mackenzie went with us and had so much fun playing with Luke in the water.