Thursday, April 22, 2010

Back from my blogging hiatus!!!

So after much "encouragement" from my mom I have returned to the blogging world so I will give a brief rundown of what has been going in our lives since last November. I will try not to bore you but because I don't scrapbook I gotta get caught up.

Cousin Rachel had her first surfing lesson by Uncle Rob

Mackenzie and Luke found markers and decided to try them out!!!
We had our annual trip to Knotts Berry Farm with our cousins and grandmas and grandpas
Luke and Jackson loved riding all the rides, they are so cute when they are not trying to poke each others eyes out

....and last but not least my baby turned 11!!!!!!!


Aimee said...

We're glad you're back! My kids keep commenting about how long it's been since you posted.